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Where the wheel was invented – and why it took us so long to create it

 It is one of the most important inventions of mankind. So much so that it is difficult to imagine the world without it. In addition, it was and continues to be fundamental for any number of things … but where did it come from? The one of wheel InventHelp Invention Ideas is perhaps the main inventions in the trajectory of technological development of the human being. With it, InventHelp primitive peoples made transportation faster and easier, in addition to helping to transform the first human settlements into larger cities.


The oldest proof of its use dates from around 3500 BC, and comes from an outline on a clay plate found in the region of ancient Sumer, InventHelp Inventions in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), but it is certain that its use comes InventHelp Patent from much more remote periods.


The oldest wheels found in archaeological explorations are from about 3000 to 2000 BC and were in tombs in the same Mesopotamia. They were composed of three boards attached by cross-shaped supports, and the central board had a natural hole in the knot of the wood. The wood around the knot is usually quite sturdy, InventHelp Innovation so it is believed that it revolved around a fixed axis, although the InventHelp Idea rest of the vehicle to which these wheels belonged has not been preserved enough to identify whether it was that way. The set worked.


The first improvement over the original models was probably the placement of a wooden rim, which allowed uniform wear of the wheel over its entire surface. Such a ring could be a single piece, made of curved wood with the aid of steam, InventHelp Technology or else, of several spliced ​​segments. Five hundred years later, InventHelp Inventors  the first metal rings would appear.


The spoke wheel appears in Mesopotamia or in modern Turkey, and is used in war chariots. Around 1500 BC, the Egyptians dominated the technology, with the construction of four-spoke wheels, very light.


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